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Home Sweet

Published April 10, 2018 by John Choura

Last year my wife Alex and I did some work to our house. I love it some much that I just want to brag about it. πŸ˜€

Home is something that's hard to explain, but we've had the opportunity to make something really amazing that I'm so proud to call my "home." As a designer, designing for a physical environment/living space presented a whole new set of exciting challenges.


We Started From This



Rendered Some Plans with SketchUps



Work work work

After 4 months of working with a contractor, plumbers, builders, electricians, engineers, dry-wallers, we worked hard to make our dream home a reality.



And Ended With This


200 addition square feet to the house by adding on a bathroom to the master bedroom. Our outdoor living space is equipped with an outdoor fire pit, built-in bbq countertop with mini fridge, and an above ground jacuzzi. To create our newly hardscaped space we poured 2 truck loads of new concrete, laid down new sod grass, and did custom landscaping with new display rocks and succulent plants.

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Doing work on our home was one of the most fun challenges that we've experienced as home owners. The process is stressful and exciting, coordinating and project managing contract workers. In the end it all pays off, and we get to enjoy the fruit of our labors.

πŸ™‚ That's all, at some point I'll write a follow up post showing what we did to the interior. Thx for reading.

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